Is Your Brand Protected? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 333

I was browsing through a popular national publication when I noticed an article written about Creating Global Digital Empires®. This immediately caught my attention due to the fact that I own that trademark and the fact that the author who wrote this article interviewed me a year earlier on guess what topic? You guessed right!

I picked up the phone, called up the author, who apologized for not knowing that this was trademarked by me. But what seemed even more disturbing to me was the fact that no attribution was given to me or the interview he did with me when I shared my insights with him and his audience.

Thankfully, my brand was protected by the fact that it was trademarked. I can’t even imagine the consequences and the legal and financial hassle of the possibility of having to defend it if it was not properly protected or even worse, if someone else had trademarked these keywords before me.

I’ve seen some of my clients arbitrarily using the ™ symbol without actually filing for trademark protection. The only way to gain the utmost protection is to submit your filing with the USPTO office. Once you do, you can start using the ™ symbol and once approved, you can start using the ® symbol.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with my trademark expert and attorney, Erik Pelton, who happened to be my colleague, my friend, my attorney and my client. You can gain tremendous knowledge by visiting Erik Pelton’s Valuable Resources section on his site or listen to How Legally Protected Is Your Brand? podcast interview I did with Erik a few years ago. I highly recommend Erik Pelton’s expertise to help you protect your various brands and intellectual property.

Don’t take your brand for granted. Start protecting it today.

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