Your Daily 2nd Chance Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 420

Everyone has bad days. Some more than others. But what constitutes a bad day? Discovery of an illness of a loved one, challenging individuals and circumstances, a failed business venture or financial loss can add up to feeling hopeless, angry and depleted.

But what of these are perceived as missteps or miscalculations or situations beyond our control?

Even Thomas Edison, when working on his light bulb discovery, interpreted the thousand possible failures as thousand ways that won’t work in order to uncover the one that does.

Without the failures and set-backs, most of us would never learn to grow and triumph along life’s path and discover success. Each experience, good and not so good, affords us a great lesson that we can use in a variety of settings. It’s often times the way the universe is telling us that we are on the right track to success.

Don’t let prior gaffes or errors pull you down or take you off course of your goals, instead use them as a spring board for creativity and renewed optimism and enthusiasm to propel you forward.

It’s never a wasted day but your 2nd chance opportunity to make it an incredible day!

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