To Publish or Not to Publish Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 421

You’ve heard me say over the years that one of the key distinctions between top thought leaders to those strive to strengthen their thought leadership is that the former are prolific publishers of remarkable content. They publish consistently in different media and on a variety of platforms.

So, if you wonder what are the reasons and benefits to publish your work and whether you should publish or not, here are a few of the benefits I would like to suggest.

Publishing your unique work:

  • Increases visibility to your work and attracts others to you
  • Fine-tunes your thoughts
  • Expands your body of work and unique intellectual property
  • Gauges your progress and provides a metrics to your evolving content
  • Provides a glimpse into your thinking or emotions
  • Improve others and the world around you
  • Exposes you to clients, journalists, collaborators and partners
  • Positions you as the expert in your industry
  • Pushes you to innovate and recreate yourself
  • Creates a strong competitive advantage
  • Enables you to effectively market yourself in various channels
  • Advances your writing competencies
  • Brands yourself and distinguishes you from others
  • Allows you to experiment with new ideas and concepts
  • Helps you create and strengthen your global digital empire®
  • Generates business and revenues and identifies future new markets
  • Improves your search engines ranking and positioning
  • Identifies and build collaborations with others
  • Helps you create the future

I hope this makes your decision rather easy. Should you publish or not? The choice is yours. I recommend you publish consistently or remain invisible or the best-kept secret yet to be discovered.

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