Streaming Digital Content Platforms Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 419

The new year started off with high hopes as news of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine became widely available and millions of Americans were preparing to be vaccinated. And while that project is ongoing for the foreseeable future, businesses are still struggling to keep afloat as the pandemic rages on and Corona variants are popping up worldwide. Until that time that we Americans feel truly safe to venture back out into the world, life will continue to Zoom for all of us.

Many businesses, those that are able to stay afloat, are continuing to have employees work remotely. Brick and mortar buildings sit empty with occupancy rates not expected to move upward any time soon. So, what will business growth and marketing look like going forward? I have four words: Streaming Digital Content Platforms.

Without broadcasting and sharing your digital content through streaming platforms, I unfortunately predict you will soon fall behind in this new business reality and lose your competitive advantage and ability to thrive.

Are you investing your energy:

  • Creating new and powerful content?
  • Connecting with clients and delivering your services virtually?
  • Leveraging streaming platforms to broadcast your value?

As we count the days until we can get together with our clients face-to-face in workshops, seminars and coaching, let’s make these days count by leveraging the various innovative technological platforms available at our fingertips.

I am glad to help you increase your digital content streaming footprint using the right platform. I look forward to making this a successful and rewarding year for all of us and our clients one stream at a time.  

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