When Do Answers Reveal Themselves? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 345

Most people, when developing their new creative idea, take time to plan and think through the steps, envision the process, visualize the finished product or goal and most importantly, attempt to answer all possible questions. Nothing hatches without preparation and time; a concept we can easily learn from the animal kingdom and ourselves.

But what happens when we spend too much time planning, designing, strategizing, thinking about the journey and struggling to develop the answers to all anticipated questions and challenges? What if we never dare then to take that first step for fear of major challenges stumbling along the way and even the possibility of a failure? What if perfection becomes our main focus and procrastination keeps us stagnant?

In this competitive, ever-changing business world, it is our responsibility to continually challenge ourselves to develop, re-invent and create more and more innovative products, services and ideas to impact and improve others and ourselves.

You may feel that you’ve hit the wall or suffer from mental burnout. To break through, I suggest you break it down to smaller critical steps, simpler routes and realistic goals. The most important thing is to take that first step and realize that most answers reveal themselves when taking action, not necessarily when thinking. Acknowledge the jagged journey and foot slips as you climb to the goal knowing that there is nothing truly perfect, rather, there is our own excellence.

Challenge yourself creatively and envision a new creation such as a product, service, podcast, newsletter or presentation. Think about how you’ll get there but don’t think too long. Let the creative juices flow, get started, and realize that your answers will reveal themselves as you take action.

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