5 Moves to Create the Next 5 Moves Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 219

Any project, no matter how large or small, can and should be broken down into five key steps to take it from inception to fruition. Try and achieve it in less than five steps and it is often way too simplistic. On the other hand, if there are more than five steps, it becomes too complicated. The key to achieving this productive and dramatic success is to identify the five steps. Here are my 5 moves to help you create your next five moves:

  1. Find a creative space/place. The kind of place that makes you feel comfortable and stimulates your mind. It could be your backyard (depending upon the season), 32,000 feet in the air, your beautiful office, the corner coffee shop or during your walks. It’s now your thinking time to identify the project you’re most passionate about that will create the most powerful results for you and those you impact.
  2. Collect everything that represents these potential moves and place into some sort of a capturing mechanism. It could be a whiteboard, a blank sheet of paper, your computer, or any other tool or platform that works. Do not put on any filters, just store any ideas and insights that represent these potential moves.
  3. Filter time. It’s now time to review your list and pull out the top five most important milestone moves that will create the momentum to move forward towards the successful completion. Keep in mind that some of these moves may be sequential and some could be parallel in their execution, which means that some moves may have to performed prior to the next one while others may be executed concurrently.
  4. Organize your five key moves in logical action steps that will catapult the momentum forward. Then run the backward/forward test where you first focus on assembling your list in a reverse order, meaning you start with the final step number 5 and then move back towards step 1. Then make sure that moving through steps 1 to 5 is logical and powerful.
  5. Execute. The only way to guarantee your five moves are performed flawlessly is to commit and take action with the first step.

Pick out your next big project and break it down to its five key moves. Then take action starting with step number 1 and let me know when you achieve your impact.

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