Are You the Best Version of Yourself? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 220

I often challenge myself, my clients and my family to improve and become a better version of who we all are. Here are my latest learnings, reflections and recognitions:

  1. Commit yourself to become the best of who you are in every aspect of life and business such as health, family, purpose, friendships spirituality, finance, education, adventure.
  2. The key to having a creative, productive and successful mindset is to consistently generate and increase your energy while being consistent.
  3. View and meet challenges or overcoming adversities as triumphant and exciting opportunities.
  4. If you are unhappy with your current situation you have the control to change it. Educate yourself, reach out for help, take action.
  5. Schedule time on your calendar to reflect, learn and execute your dreams.
  6. Each day starts with your chance to create something new and your future.
  7. What needs to happen to make your life amazing?
  8. It’s easy to get complacent, distracted or derailed, especially when you are successful. Are you focusing on the right thing to get you to the next level and what are your ambitions?
  9. Don’t let your current state limit your extraordinary potential. Think big.
  10. Surround yourself with high performers, fascinating people and top thinkers who challenge you to learn and think differently.
  11. To reach your dream and get started you must envision it and gain the step by step clarity.
  12. The key to negotiation is your willingness to walk away and the key to becoming a great negotiator is to ask for one additional request after the “yes.”
  13. Have you identified the kind of expertise you provide? How would you complete the sentence: “I am the…”
  14. The internal conflict, self-sabotage, resistance or struggle are at their highest strength when you are closer to reaching your dreams or dare to think bigger. Accept these as your sign of remaining committed and being on the right track.
  15. Are there any situations or discussions you are avoiding right now that limit your freedom, growth and potential progress?
  16. Do you often get overwhelmed or suffer the feeling of burnouts? If so, develop a plan to eradicate these from your life. Are your distractions bigger than your dreams? Stop bragging about how busy you are since it’s not an award worth parading.
  17. The only way to get there is to create a clear plan (GPS), work it (act) and track the progress (measure).
  18. Are you lost in learning or in progress? The greatest learning and highest productivity take place during the execution of the ideas.

Give yourself the gift of becoming the best version of yourself in the next 12 months.

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