Our Amazing Hidden Opportunities Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 221

I was just glancing at my calendar when I realized how each item listed provides me the opportunity to further my knowledge and learning, ability to impact others, while creating remarkable experiences and transformations for me and those I care about. Here is my recap by quickly reviewing one week on my calendar:

  1. Our clients need our help, advice, motivation and support more than we often realize. When was the last time you’ve pushed them to take action?
  2. Our clients can often provide us with help, advice and support more than we often realize. Do you ask for help or advice?
  3. We face many opportunities to promote our clients and the growth of their businesses. How often do you do that?
  4. Scheduled thinking time will often produce greater results than other scheduled tasks or unscheduled activities. What’s on your calendar?
  5. Each day provides a new opportunity to start something new such as your next invention, product and service. What are you working on and when will it get released?
  6. Getting in great physical shape has proven to dramatically improve every aspect of our life and business. How often do you work out and to what level of intensity?
  7. It’s time to enjoy life, treat ourselves kindly and reward ourselves often. What do you do to promote this mindset?
  8. If you want to grow your business, schedule weekly business growth meetings with partners, clients and prospective clients. How many appointments are on your schedule?
  9. Our clients often rely on their spouse or partner for support. Do you get them involved to further promote their success?
  10. Technology such as Skype, Zoom or others can help you improve your ongoing communication with your clients and team. Are you leveraging it in your business?
  11. There are so many ways to stimulate our thinking and advance our progress and the quality of our journey. It may be the books we read, the developmental experiences we attend, the content we consume, or the trusted advisors we allow into our lives. How about you?
  12. Monitor, adjust as needed and constantly push the progress of your projects to make sure you reach the anticipated goals. How are you monitoring and pushing yours?
  13. Research has shown that good friendships and social connections improve the quality of our life and prolong it! What’s the state of your friendships?
  14. Past relationships are a goldmine that is often untapped. Why not review these and contact a few?
  15. I believe we are here to impact others and leave this place better than when we got here. How can you contribute and help someone?
  16. I would not be where I am without the amazing talent of my team. What is the infrastructure of your team?
  17. The extraordinary life I lead would not be possible without the support of my incredible wife and family. What are the amazing opportunities that shape your life and future?

View each moment on your calendar as the opportunity and gift you are given to create your wonderful future.

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