Driving Traffic to Your Site Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 218

One of the most popular questions we are asked is how to improve the traffic to the site. Below is a list I compiled to help you do exactly that:

  1. Identify and research your target audience, their preferences, challenges, desires, buying patterns and habits.
  2. Your content must be amazing and remarkable or it will fail to grab attention or produce results and will be perceived as mediocre at best. This is probably the most critical element.
  3. Pinpoint your remarkable contribution, impact and value to others.
  4. Although your content is critical, without the right audience and trusting relationships it is meaningless.
  5. Search the social media platforms and various groups as to what is trending in your areas of expertise and inject your opinion and wisdom.
  6. Forecast and publish your own industry trends.
  7. Study and improve your headline and copywriting skills and merge with your keywords search and integrate with your content. Craft your content and messaging accordingly.
  8. Realize that recognizing their challenges and desires becomes your areas of biggest potential.
  9. Join various online groups and create your own groups.
  10. Post genuine, provocative and powerful content that mostly represents your unique intellectual property and link seamlessly to various pages on your site.
  11. Promote discussions and strengthen online and offline relationship building.
  12. Make sure your site is mobile ready since more and more searches are done on mobile devices, otherwise, your potential traffic will be penalized.
  13. Focus on quality rather than quantity. It is better to gain a smaller group of interested and qualified buyers than attracting a large number of the wrong audience, which is a complete waste of time and distraction.
  14. Publish as often as you can. Be remarkable and consistent and don’t stop.
  15. Appreciate that it’s not about how many people show up, but what is the action they take and their conversion rate.
  16. Encourage them to like and share.
  17. Build affiliate relationships
  18. Repurpose your older content and especially your hidden gems.
  19. Leverage as many venues (articles, podcasts, videos, infographics,) and platforms (web sites, social media, iTunes, YouTube) that you are capable of using that showcase your strengths and service of others.
  20. Reference and highlight your content (featured link or URL) when being interviewed, or interviewing others or during your presentations.
  21. Attract guests posting and contributions.
  22. When interviewing others and posting on your channels, ask the interviewee to share with their audience.
  23. Consider placing social media ads (Facebook, LinkedIn) and also Google ads.

Driving the right traffic to your site is the first critical step. Converting that traffic to happy clients is the holy grail.

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