Why Invest in Your Web Presence? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 344

Should you invest or keep investing in your web presence? Obviously, I am somewhat biased since this is the essence of my business. I have developed 17 reasons why you should consider doing so. Here they are:

  1. Transform appearance. It gives you the opportunity to recreate and innovate the way you look, the way you are perceived and your overall virtual presentation. It becomes your 24×7 representative.
  2. Rebrand messaging. What are your positioning statement and the stories you are telling? Perhaps it’s time to evaluate and improve.
  3. Improve exposure. Are you found easily through search engines and effectively mentioned and shared by others? There is a direct linkage between your web presence strategy and your exposure.
  4. Impact clients. The more value you provide through your remarkable content and offerings and the more case studies and testimonial you share to prove of the that value, the more you show your impact. It is always the right time to improve your content, offerings and proof.
  5. Raise responsiveness. Is your site quick to load and access? It is a critical component of keeping your victors coming back and staying for a while.
  6. Produce wow. First impression is usually and mostly critical when meeting people and the same apply to your site. Does it achieve the wow reaction or just another web site? The latter is sure to lose visitors.
  7. Implement marketing. What marketing initiatives are you leveraging to grow your business? This is most critical component of attracting new clients and interest from existing clients. Creating Your Marketing Blueprint is a download I created to help you do exactly that.
  8. Improve analytics. You should review your analytics to get a sense of what is working and what is not. You can then determine what to adjust, what to remove and what new to create.
  9. Optimize browsers. Is your site working correctly and effectively on all browsers including mobile devices? Another opportunity exists to evaluate and improve for better results.
  10. Leverage technology. Whether integration with other platforms and devices or with new technology that changes rapidly, investing in your web presence provides the opportunity to implement and leverage new technology for the sake of results, profits and impacting others.
  11. Integrate channels. This is the time to determine where your audience is and what their preferences are. You can then decide which social media platforms to be active on, and what media channels to share your content on.
  12. Attract clients. When done right, your site should become the hub of providing value, communicating your messaging and attracting new clients and business.
  13. Increase conversions. As you increase the ability to receive inquiries and attract clients, the key then is to focus on conversions. In other words, implementing methods of converting interest and visits to actual business.
  14. Protect security. There has been a dramatic increase in malicious attempts to attack servers, steal identities and data, hack web sites and much more. Investing in your security and infrastructure is absolutely critical to protect you, your company and your clients.
  15. Create digital empire. Through the creation of your remarkable content, you are in sense creating your global digital empire®, which is one of the distinguishing factors between you and your competitors.
  16. Strengthen thought leadership. As your digital empire grows with value and your share your successes in the words of your clients, you are sure then to strengthen your thought leadership.
  17. Boost your success. It requires energy, creativity, commitment, focus and financial resources to invest in your web presence. When done right they are sure to boost your success.

So, should you invest in improving your web presence? I believe the answer is clearly the distinction between whether you decide to remain stagnant or demonstrate innovation, value, impact and thrive.

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