What’s Your Developmental Path? – Part 2 Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 198

Last week I shared with you some of the key learning highlights from my recent developmental experiences. I received great feedback and requests to continue this series. Here are additional insights to share with you this week:

  1. We rarely know the struggles others face and often fall into the trap of believing that we are the only one going through struggles. This is not only a chance for us to calibrate our humility but to recognize the great need of helping others.
  2. What is the profound cost your clients would realize if they don’t engage with your products and services? Here are some examples: Unable to reach their dreams. Unable to strengthen their thought leadership and global reach. Unable to impact others.
  3. Create attention grabbing headlines and copy. Here is an example: Learn how to write amazing content without being a writer.
  4. When you meet with your mastermind group, introduce a topic you need help with and give each member of your group a chance to give you’re their feedback quickly while writing it on a note card. This will allow you to be in the moment and walk away with multiple cards with their suggestions.
  5. End your week (Sunday evening) by reviewing your prior week’s business and personal obstacles, accomplishments and big wins. Then commit to the projects and accomplishments you are planning to achieve the week to come. Do any of these support your big dreams?
  6. Pull out an annual calendar and notate all holidays and special events. You could even create your own special days such as “content creation awareness day,” which is the one I am going to create and claim. Then develop unique content for these days to publish on your various platforms. You should never run out of ideas of what and when to write. How cool is this?
  7. Do you know what is the biggest obstacle reporters face? It is the one of writing a great story. YOU are the unique expert they are looking for to develop their amazing story.
  8. When you are looking for new topics and content to develop, fill in the blank after “what are the best _____?” Then go and create this content. Here are a few examples: a) What are the best strategies to monetize your content? b) What is the best question to ask your child? c) What are the best practices of the most successful entrepreneurs?
  9. Life simply happens and with it brings positive and negative surprises, adversities to overcome and good and bad random events. Does it derail, overwhelm or recharge you?
  10. When deciding which priorities you need to execute, eliminate the “shoulds” and focus on the “musts.”
  11. When conducting an event ask your participants to answer the following two questions before concluding: a) When we first started I thought_____. b) But now I know____. This will often reveal powerful and profound insights.
  12. One of the key success factors of productivity is to start working the end result in mind.

What are some of your most profound developmental experiences and insights you are willing to share? Would love to hear from you.

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