What’s Your Developmental Path? – Part 3 Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 199

Today is the third and final part in the series reflecting on my recent take-away from my developmental experiences. Here are the latest insights I’d like to share with you:

  1. Are you thinking big enough? To answer this question, consider answering and evaluating the following: Are you doing something outside your comfort zone that even scares you? Are you living and leading an amazing life? Are you making small improvements daily? Are you focusing on more strategies than operational thinking?
  2. What holds many entrepreneurs back? Thinking they need to do more planning rather than executing. Lack of confidence rather than rejoicing and appreciating their clients’ successes and results. Working in the business rather than on the business. Lack of focus, which is the success differentiator.
  3. People love bonuses. What are the ones you provide with your product and service offerings?
  4. If you want someone to promote your business, start by promoting their business.
  5. Action takers attract and influence other action takers. Who have you attracted and influenced and who should you? Surround yourself with believers, dreamers that are doers.
  6. Two of the five critical elements of success are patience and hard work. You can’t rush success or believe you will discover the silver bullet approach. But, once success starts, watch out, it becomes the snowball effect.
  7. How inspirational are your case studies? Why not share an amazing story, preferably on video, of how profound of an impact your clients have achieved with your help?
  8. When facing a new idea or an opportunity simply ask yourself whether this is a distraction or a game changer? The other question to ask is what will it cost you not to do it? The answers will help you calibrate whether you should discard it or take action.
  9. When your products, services and your impact become so profound, you won’t have to sell them any longer, your clients will spread the word and do this for you.
  10. Who and what are the relationships in your life that make you happy, while powerfully impacting, energizing and challenging you to become a better version of you? Build and nurture these relationships.
  11. Energy or motivation or enthusiasm are not simply found or mysteriously discovered, you generate them! Build new habits and practices to create these in your daily routine.
  12. There is precious time left for each one of us on this earth. What are you doing now and in each moment to seize the most out of life and make a profound impact on others?

The right developmental experiences have the potential to transform our lives and those we impact.

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