What’s Your Developmental Path? – Part 1 Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 197

I’ve recently participated in several learning and developmental experiences, which have been profound. Here are some of the highlights I would like to share with you:

  1. We all have our distinct and remarkable capabilities that we often take for granted yet others are astounded by these abilities. Have you identified yours?
  2. One of my passions is in helping others pull great content out of their heads. My purpose here is to Digitize the World’s Wisdom™ by helping entrepreneurs and thinkers get out their remarkable knowledge. What are your passion and purpose?
  3. Scarcity or a closing deadline are powerful motivators. Next time you release a product or service offering, include attractive deadlines.
  4. We all have challenges (some would even wake us up at night) that we wish would vanish forever. Do you know what are your clients’ challenges and are you developing content and offerings to solve these?
  5. The most successful entrepreneurs incorporate their big dreams and extraordinary projects into their calendar with concreate action steps and deadlines. Do you?
  6. Our clients are willing and often enjoy giving advice. Have you asked them what they want and need and how you could be of help?
  7. Even the best-laid plans can go wrong at times. Remember these are not failures but opportunities for lessons learned. The digital world enables us to change quickly. Perhaps it’s time for plan B?
  8. Your content must be remarkable, original, and provocative at times, in order for others to share it with the world and increase your viral spread. How would you rank your content?
  9. Many of us provide one-to-one coaching and advisory services, which is rewarding but labor intensive. Why not shift your business model to one-to-many, which will increase your reach and revenues, reduce your labor intensity and impact a larger audience?
  10. I have a loving and supportive family, surrounded myself with an amazing team, and rely on a few trusted advisors. This is the key to the success of the best in the world. What’s your support system?
  11. Remember the advice we used to get as young kids: “Don’t talk to strangers!” I can’t imagine growing my business unless I became effective and enjoying talking with strangers. What old baggage is holding you back that you should you get rid of?
  12. Since biblical times, one of the best and most effective methods of communication was storytelling and that is the story today. What is your story and how effectively are you sharing it?

Identify your learning and development path to impact your journey and that of your clients.

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