What’s Your Advice? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 150

This week’s reflection point: As experts we are here to provide our clients with insightful ideas that will accelerate and improve their success in life and business.

I find our ability to provide effective and practical advice directly relates to our talent, experience, knowledge, open mindedness, failures and successes. Like wine, it usually gets better with time.

I have gained much knowledge and wisdom by opening my mind to great thinkers and thought leaders and many of them happen to be my clients.

This ability has evolved by my need and desire to satisfy my curiosity to help resolve the issues and challenges of my clients and myself.

“What’s your advice or opinion on the following subject?” is often the question I asked my clients. After years of asking such questions and probably receiving thousands of answers, I am a better person for not only the advice I deliver, but also the advice I search for and receive.

This week’s tip: People love being asked for their opinion and to offer advice. Why not pick up the phone, call your clients, have a conversation and ask for their advice?

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