A Thanksgiving Message Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 151

This week’s reflection point: Thanksgiving has arrived at the perfect time amid all the chaos and fear that has gripped the world. I got to spend the day in Orlando with my granddaughter at the newly opened American Girl doll store seeing the wonder of it all through the eyes of a 6-year-old. Born in the late 60’s, I grew up in a country of little materials and things but abundant in ideas, dreams and hope for the 8-year-old state of Israel. Today’s experience was the complete opposite; our eyes darted back and forth to the hundreds of dolls, accessories, clothing, Christmas glitter as kids of all ages with eyes and mouths wide open stood in awe of the abundance surrounding them. It was hard to focus on any one thing. My granddaughter however, was able to focus on the doll that spoke to her; the one that looked like her, the one that somehow immediately caught her attention.

As I grow older and the world grows bigger, the internet holds everything at my fingertips and I watch the news in real time, it becomes more and more difficult to focus on one specific thing with ease. Life has become overwhelming with abundance, in a good way, but have we lost sight of that single thing that draws us near, that sparks our passion, that grabs our attention away from all other distractions?

Tomorrow, as I sit down to a true feast surrounded by my loving family, I’m going to zero in on the quiet and peace that surrounds our sumptuous dinner table, enjoy the family and beautiful grandchildren who have stolen my heart and given me the opportunity to take it back to basics and what is abundantly important in my life.

This week’s tip: Do your best to separate that which is truly at the heart of your passion in all you do, personally and professionally, and strive to make and maintain that focus in a world that can become overwhelming.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.

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