What Say You? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 337

Since 2013, I’ve written my newsletter consistently, each Wednesday, which makes this issue #337. Over the years, I have created a large database of topic ideas for me to write about, yet before resorting to scanning my database for ideas, I prefer to reflect on the prior week and decide whether I can come up with an idea that is fresh, provocative and especially one that was shared or asked about by one of my clients.

Earlier today, during a discussion I had with one of my clients, she mentioned to me that she is struggling with writing her newsletters, especially since she finds it challenging to come up with topics to talk about and how to best leverage them.

I shared with her my Where Do Ideas Come From? infographic that I created which contains 21 insights to accelerate your creative flow. I suggested she also watch my targeted value video, where I discuss one of my ideas and how to leverage the content once created.

Here are my quick reflection points for today:

  1. Our clients are an amazing source of ideas, wisdom and inspiration.
  2. Our previously published content is a great source of insight to tap into, repurpose, share and with which to help others.
  3. Taking action is critical to overcoming stagnation and procrastination.

Sit down and start putting your thoughts to paper or digital ink. Because when you do, amazing creations often occur.

What say you?

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