Make Our Days Count Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 336

Last week, for the first time, I did not write and share my weekly newsletter. Wednesday, June 12, was mine and Laurel’s 40th wedding anniversary, and while no big celebration was planned due to her father’s illness and hospitalization, we also didn’t plan for his death that very afternoon.

My father in-law was blessed with 95 years of good health, a clear mind and a love for his family. He was an avid and advanced bridge player and a poker pro. He lived his life to the fullest each and every day and wanted for very little, aside from love and attention as his years wound down.

Upon his passing, while going through his papers and files, we came to realize that he was a giver; more so than we realized. He sent every organization that solicited him a donation. Hundreds and hundreds of donations were recorded by amount and check number upon endless sheets of paper organized by day and year. He created relationships with those in need in the small way that he could. In return for his kindness for his donations, we found hundreds of return address labels, note pads, pens, tote bags, wool socks, 16 calculators, calendars and watches which were sent to him in appreciation.

While we can’t count our days, for that is not a given, we can make our days count and make a difference in this world. We will celebrate our 40 years together after our mourning period, but we will have learned that the years shared are filled with so many wonders, beyond our imagination and an opportunity to make this world a much better place, one small donation at a time.

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