What is the Art You Are Creating? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 350

I just came across a great new book, Horse Museum, by the late Dr. Seuss, which was published this month. It examines the concept of what art is all about and how it is interpreted differently by various artists and people. The book is so good that I immediately got a copy for myself and one for my grandkids. I highly recommend you look into purchasing one too.

One definition of art is: “Works produced by human creative skill and imagination.”

I see art as the evolution and transformation of our education, skills, wisdom, values, interests, passions, and desire to innovate, uniquely create and impact others.

Whether you are involved in developing powerful and unique business strategies, forming dream teams, creating tomorrow’s thought leaders®, writing, composing or playing music, designing powerful web solutions, capturing the world through photography, digitizing the world’s wisdom, creating global digital empires®, inventing new technologies, or painting, in my book, YOU are an artist!

So here is my question: Would you call yourself an artist? I believe that we are all artists in our own creative way, or well on the way to becoming one!

What art are you creating this week? Please create it and share it with the world and us.

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