This Too Shall Pass Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 374

As it turns out, Ohio, Cuyahoga county in particular, now has its first three cases of Covid-19. All the hand washing, and sleeve sneezing could not have prevented the inevitable from occurring right here.

As fate would have it, our daughter and son in law have been notified that they, like in the hit show, Hamilton, were in the room where it happened. (Along with hundreds of others).

Last week the stock market plummeted, and millions saw many of their financial gains take a huge hit. Both of these happenings created panic and worry for many of us and in the end, there’s not a whole lot any one person can do. Truth is, the virus will eventually run its course and the stock market will come to right itself once again.

At times, our business or personal life goes momentarily awry and we end up in chaos and fear of the unknown future. But I’ve learned that nothing stays the same forever even though at the moment it seems like the doom and gloom is insurmountable.

These crises have reminded me to remain optimistic in the face of crises, real and perceived. As we all face the uncertainty of the next weeks and months, I will continue to keep my thoughts positive and hopeful, control what I can, and continue my best efforts to impact others. One thing I know, nothing lasts forever, the sun will rise tomorrow, and this too shall pass.

Stay safe!

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