Pushing for Change Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 373

This past Thursday, I watched with pride, as my wife spoke before more than 1,000 people at a rally of the Greater Cleveland Congregations, churches and synagogues committed to criminal justice reform in Cleveland, telling our story of our son’s addiction to heroin.

This event was to push forward for funding to build crisis and diversion centers. The hope is to divert men and women with mental health and addiction issues during a crisis to these centers for assessment and treatment rather than being sent to jail.

The city politicians along with the police, judges, prosecutors, religious leaders and caring citizens, stood together with strength and conviction to support this necessary project and cause in order to save lives.

It took courage for my wife to stand up and share our story. But we must all have the courage and strength to stand up for what we believe in and are passionate about in our own life

hopefully we all find a way to take care of those in need and in crisis and make this world a better place.

Also featured in the Cleveland Jewish News: Cantor Laurel Barr: ‘Incarceration has not helped my son’

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