9 Reasons to Trademark Your Brands Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 372

Over the years, and with the help of my trademark attorney, Erik Pelton, I have applied and registered for the protection of several of our brand names. The following brands have been approved by the USPTO (The United States Patent and Trademark Office), which enabled us to place the ® protection symbol next to our brands.

Here are the brand names we have trademarked:

  • Dominating the Web®
  • Creating Global Digital Empires®
  • Pragmatic Technologies for Life and Business Success®
  • Creating Tomorrow’s Thought Leaders®
  • Raising the Barr®
  • Transformation Visuals®
  • From Ordinary to Extraordinary®
  • And our actual logo.

It occurred to me that some of our clients may not realize the critical importance and the power of trademarking your brands. Here are some of the reason to do so:

  1. It protects your brands, names, logos, slogans and such, so others may not use them.
  2. It prevents others from attempting to steal your brands and force you out of using them.
  3. It helps you appear in the USPTO database and therefore block others’ applications.
  4. It strengthens your marketing efforts and thought leadership.
  5. It makes your brands more memorable.
  6. It demonstrates the importance, seriousness, and value of your brands.
  7. It delivers a strong return on investment.
  8. It offers you some bragging rights and exposure opportunities.
  9. It provides a peace of mind.

Among these, I realize that the most important reason to trademark your various brands is to protect them and prevent disastrous consequences.

I urge you not to wait since the best time to start trademarking your brands is right now!

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