Facing New Challenges One Day at a Time Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 375

As most of the world is hunkering down in a complete Corona virus quarantine shutdown, many are struggling to figure out how to best spend their days productively.

I’ve compiled this list to suggest some activities that will help us come out of this more appreciative people in a world at peace. I welcome and appreciate any ideas and contributions you have to make this list even better:

  1. Continue to distance yourself from others for safety
  2. Spend time on work to contribute to your organization and your clients
  3. Focus on the things you are most passionate about that can be done during this time
  4. Identify ways you can further impact others
  5. Read books you always wanted to
  6. Have a dog? Have him or her take you for several walks each day
  7. Cook something new and share with all of us
  8. Take daily walks
  9. Start writing your first book or your next one
  10. Launch your podcast series or continue with your existing one
  11. Create a new product
  12. Update your web site with powerful new content
  13. Listen to podcasts, watch videos and online courses to expand your knowledge and learning
  14. Virtually contact your clients and discuss new insights to help their life and business
  15. Crowd source with others by leveraging their knowledge, talent and wisdom to create something bigger than yourself
  16. Join an online community that fits your interests and consider creating your own
  17. Organize your office or work space
  18. Get lots of rest, exercise and eat healthy
  19. Listen to music and explore new genres
  20. Do you play an instrument? Play more and use the internet to collaborate with others
  21. Find ways to inject humor into each of your days
  22. Take a virtual coffee break over skype, facetime or zoom, to connect with old friends that you haven’t seen for years
  23. Conclude each day with three things for which you are grateful

“In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity,” said Albert Einstein. This is our opportunity to:

  • Be responsible, kind and support one another
  • Be creative and rise to this new and unknown challenge
  • Strive to make our world a better place

We’re all in this together so let’s reach out and help one another!

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