In the midst of the chaos… Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 376

It has been a few challenging weeks for all of us Americans and people around the world, and many who are self-employed, including my wife and my sister in Israel. Laurel’s full calendar of weddings she officiates as the official spring/summer wedding season began, have all been postponed. My sister owns and operates two exclusive boutiques in the north of Israel, and both have been shuttered; one may have to close permanently. There is incredible uncertainty as the stock market plummets and devastating information of covid-19 infection permeates the news and everyday interactions with friends and family via skype, FaceTime and other platforms. And thankfully, we are still able to connect with one another across the country and across the oceans.

In the midst of the chaos, our newest grandson, Bentley, was born last week. As visitors were prohibited at the hospital, we waited anxiously for nearly 24 hours to hear that he had finally entered this frenzied world healthy and whole. 

He’s adorable, he’s a blond, he’s handsome, and he’s finally at home! He and his parents are bunking with us until this health crisis blows over and it’s a delight. To hear the birds chirping in the early hours when Laurel has her turn to feed him a bottle, and his newborn crying, makes me hopeful with the knowledge that spring is around the corner and from this new life springs hope.

Stay connected with your family, friends, and clients and give the news a rest. I can assure you that plenty of goodness abounds in spite of what we are seeing and feeling in this frightening time. I love spending my time reading, exercising, brainstorming, creating new developmental experiences and serving my clients, while holding my grandson as I’m looking forward to watching him change from day to day, growing bigger and stronger, and reminding us that the future is bright and we all have a share in impacting what lies ahead.

Please share some bright spots and highlights of your days from which we can all benefit and anticipate a better tomorrow.

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