There IS Something New Under The Sun Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 249

I’m certain that all of us have heard the phrase, “there’s nothing new under the sun.” And that may very well be true. From the vantage point of my office window, I can see the leaves changing color from green, to red, then orange and yellow until they finally drop from the branches to the ground. My backyard becomes blanketed by a plush carpet of red and brown leaves in a matter of days leaving the naked branches awaiting the Midwest snows that will soon follow.

This cycle occurs every fall without fail but each year I see something new. A tree has grown taller, or another fallen into the woods behind the trees. A random clump of daffodils spring out unexpectedly.

Often, our business seems to continually follow the same cycles over and over again. We provide our services consistently and serve our clients with quality products that increase their growth and success. The familiarity breeds content. But as the flow of new clients come on board, it creates for each of us the opportunity to re-invent our products, refresh the content and re-inspire ourselves and those we serve.

Don’t become complacent in doing the same things time and time again, but, just as the seasons change, take time to refresh and renew what you’ve already established. There’s really nothing completely new under the sun, but we have the chance to bring a new prospective and take on what works and be inspired to create even more.

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