The Year in Reflection – Redux Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 362

As I am getting ready to wrap up another year and get ready to launch the next year, I like reflecting on some of my key learning:


  • Reflect often on where you’ve been, where are you going and what action must you take.
  • Identify the exciting and valuable projects you are working on and pinpoint their critical path from ideation to fruition.
  • Share the insights and successes gained from working with your clients.


  • Life is fragile. Hug your loved ones.


  • Share your insights, knowledge, experience and wisdom with others. Otherwise, you may deprive others from reaching their bold dreams.
  • Your words become your tweets which become your articles which become your books, workshops and products which become your intellectual property and your digital empire.
  • The impossible only takes a few minutes longer and when surrounding yourself with true genius, the impossible becomes possible.


  • Don’t take your security for granted. Protect yourself.
  • Learn to manage your email monster so it does not consume your precious hours and your life.


  • Are you journaling often? There is abundant treasure hidden there.
  • Recognize and ask the right questions that will enable you to reach new heights.
  • It’s time to create your next masterpiece.


  • While we can’t count our days, for that is not a given, we can make our days count and make a difference in the world.


  • Create the right morning routine to energize you mentally, physically and spiritually to significantly impact those you can and should.
  • What is the dream you have not yet pursued and when will you start?


  • Answers reveal themselves when taking action and not necessarily when thinking.


  • We each have beautiful and valuable messages to share. What’s yours?
  • Since a picture or an image are often worth a thousand words, what are the ones you are creating?
  • We are all artists in our own creative way or are well on the wat to becoming one. recognize the art you are creating.


  • Distinguish the talents and gifts you have to offer and leverage them effectively.


  • Ideas and insights are all around us. We just need to learn to pay better attention to uncover them.


  • What trends and prediction do you see in your industry? Share them.

Reflect on your year and encourage your clients to do the same. What have you found?

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