The Reason for the Season Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 363

December 24, 2019. An average day in the Barr household, dreary grey skies with misty fog, and an early start on the pickleball court. The recreation center was not at its usual bustling capacity this morning, though the young basketball hopefuls were out in force on the courts practicing dribbling and shooting on a full court press.

We stopped at a nearly empty FedEx on the way home at 11 am, and the roads were already starting to be thick with cars on their way to someone’s home to begin the holiday celebrations.

Though our family doesn’t observe Christmas, we sensed and felt the excitement of the season in the air all around us. You can’t help but feel brighter and hopeful when driving by the village hall or police stations that are all decked out with sparkling lights in this community. But it gives me a moment to give pause about the meaning of these celebrations that are happening all around the world.

While so many are opening gifts and eating to their hearts” delight, how many others are cold, truly hungry and for whatever reason, stranded and living out on the cold streets? How many are incarcerated and separated from their loved ones, spending this day laying on a cot, in a cold cell, counting the number of bricks on the cell wall?

Laurel and I have committed to scouting out the streets of Cleveland this year with bags of food and warm clothing to deliver to anyone out on the streets. Today’s mild temperatures won’t last long, and the harsh winter weather will soon engulf those struggling for warmth once again on our streets and highway underpasses.

This is the reason for the season for us. With of all OUR blessings, we must reach out to those in need and try to make a difference one human being at a time.

May the twinkling lights and Hanukah candles that we light this year, help light the darkness and brighten the world that we all share. Wishing you peace and blessings today and always.


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