The Longest Day of the Year Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 388

This week is a run up to the longest day of the year which occurs on the June Solstice, Saturday, June 20. After more than 6 months of winter weather, a few May snowfalls and a non-existent spring, I really love these long summer days. The light filters in around 5:30 am and there’s still a hint of daylight clinging to the treetops in my back yard at 9:20 pm.

Somehow though, it feels as if the summer hasn’t really begun. Perhaps it’s the pandemic or the recent tragic news that has pulled my attention away. More than likely it’s the absence of outdoor activities, concerts, the Cleveland Orchestra at Blossom Music Center, travelling on vacations, or the summer art fairs and festivals that we all enjoyed year after year.

With these few extra hours of light I have found myself researching, learning and experimenting with new and improved creative ways to enhance our clients’ marketing initiatives, funnels strategy, powerful new tools for videos creation, web presence expansion, and digital empire effectiveness. Working with my team and several experts, we are pushing ourselves to go beyond the ordinary and create the extraordinary.

I’m not going to waste time worrying that beginning this Sunday, the days will begin getting shorter and the darkness will creep in little by little before I’ve even gotten into the swing of summertime. I’m going to keep the creative fire burning until I shift gears when it’s time to start raking leaves. It’ll be here before I know it, but I’ll be well satiated by the time well spent in learning, growing and sharing these new exciting ideas and technologies with all of you.

How are you spending these longest days of the year creating, learning, marketing your business and impacting your clients?

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