Do your prospects hear you? Are they listening? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 387

The Sales Strategist Brad Tonini Interviews The Digital Empire Creation® Strategist Chad Barr

In this fascinating interview, Chad shares his insights how sales people (and others) can leverage content and the web to be heard, stand out in the crowd, transform their success by impacting their clients.

Insights Timeline:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:25 Why being a prolific publisher of remarkable content is critical to strengthen your thought leadership
  • 2:50 Positioning sales people as experts that get noticed and are sought after
  • 4:00 The process of creating powerful content
  • 6:40 Demonstrating the creation of a pithy, powerful, provocative piece of content
  • 9:50 How to quickly create a Transformation Visual® as a powerful diagnostic tool
  • 12:25 Using a case study format to create your content
  • 14:00 Positing yourself as The Expert – The Sales Leader, and why creating a transformation visual on the fly is so powerful
  • 18:20 Resolving your clients’ challenges through the manifestation of content creation
  • 19:00 Chad’s powerful Targeted Value concept to deliver value and strengthen trust with your prospects
  • 22:20 How to be provocative and tell your story
  • 24:50 How to reach Chad

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