State of the Union Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 318

This evening I am culminating my time in Israel after a full week of anticipation and fear, reflection, separation and reconnection. Being home again, driving through my childhood neighborhood and passing my old house brought me a sense of peace, wholeness and awareness of how much my life has grown and changed. With all the ups and downs and challenges that I have faced and that we all face, I was able to have a birdseye view as if seeing life from a completely different vantage point.

Family relationships and childhood connections never really break. On one hand it was as if all the years between then and now had never passed, and coming back to say goodbye to my father brought that time span into focus. I am keenly aware of the state of the union of my family, my friends and my colleagues, who have strengthened me during this time of mourning and celebration of life.

Does time heals all wounds? I am not sure of that answer. But I can certainly say that The passage of time and years allows for fresh perspectives. This evening while Americans are tuning into the state of the union, I have enjoyed a week of tuning in to the state of the union of my family and my life. And I must admit, I am humbled and blessed and truly grateful for all that I have passed through in just these past 10 days.

I hope to continue these kinds of conversations with all of you, my dear friends, clients and colleagues, who have sent out words of comfort and condolence to me and my family. Your kindness and your thoughtfulness have made this journey all the more peaceful. Looking forward to reconnecting with all of you in the days and weeks ahead and ensuring that our unions stay strong.


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