With a Heavy Heart Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 317

Dear friends and colleagues,

I write today’s newsletter with a heavy heart. It is evening in Israel, and I am sitting here with my sister, family and friends remembering my beloved father, who passed away this morning at age 91 and buried this afternoon as is our faith’s custom.

My dad, Tzvi, was a hard working man, having survived WW II and arriving in Israel as a young man in 1947. He became a builder, and with his hands helped create the thriving nation which is my birthplace.

He was a lover of music, spoke 5 languages, fluently, and a published author of heartfelt poems which were set to music.

He reached his hands out to those in need, built bridges among the varied people of Israel, fought in its many wars and raised a family in love.

He was an inspiration to all who knew him and I’m a better man for having him in my life. May he Rest In Peace for a life well lived and well loved.


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