Repurpose and Improve Your Published Content

A couple of minutes ago I decided to quickly research the web and see what people are publishing about growing an email distribution list. I launched my browser and googled: “How to grow your distribution list” and to my pleasant surprise I noticed that the second result listed at the top of the Google page was one of my own blog posts: “How to Grow Your Email Distribution List” which I wrote back in March of 2007 and is still a great post I must add.

That triggered my thinking and sharing with you the following points:

  1. Have you Googled yourself lately? This is one of the topics I discuss during my speeches. Why not use Google and possibly other search engines to research the web and discover: what is being said about you, what your competition is doing, how is your brand improving, where are your articles positioned? Get the point? You may be pleasantly surprised as well as learn what others are doing.
  2. I constantly think of new ideas for my new articles as well as refine existing ones I have previousely written. I then modify and improve my original posts and either write a new blog post to feature this revised article or use Twitter to announce it. For example, four days ago I added more call to actions to the “What’s your call to action” thread I wrote a while back. I used Twitter to announce this, which is found here, and is also automatically linked to my Facebook account. This allows me to revive and repurpose older posts (as I am doing here) while publishing improved newer content.
  3. Writing ideas are all around us, we just need to pay better attention to our surroundings.

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