How to Grow Your Email Distribution List?

If you are like me, you probably meet individuals that may greatly benefit from your wisdom and experience working with other clients and may even become your future clients. Why not then simply add them to your newsletter distribution list? Unless you have their permission to do so, I recommend you don’t. I loath the ones that add me to their email list without asking for my permission. I am often times asked as to the proper way of doing it. My recommendation is that it must be permission-based which means that you have received the permission to do so. Here is how to do it:

When you meet them in person, seize the opportunity to let them know of your newsletter packed with great tips and value that they may learn and enjoy getting. Mention that you would like their permission to add their name to your distribution list. If after they get the first one, they do not see the value, all they would need to do is simply email you the request to unsubscribe them or do so themselves (opt-out.) I always get the warm reply that they are looking forward to getting it.

If you did not have the chance to do it in person, ask the same in an email and wait for their reply. If you wish to be more assertive, here is the email format I would use:

“In hopes that this may be of value to you and meets with your permission, I’ve added your email address to our newsletter list. This way I may stay in touch by providing you with monthly insights, tips and strategies on various web, Internet, technology and business issues. Our newsletter, jammed with resources, focuses on providing information and value to our clients. If you do not wish to receive it, just let me know by replying to this email with the subject REMOVE or click on the unsubscribe option when you receive the newsletter.”

Finally, make it easy to register to your newsletter from your web site. I prefer the one registration approach which upon entering your address, immediately adds you to the database. I do not care for the double reply method, which upon your registration sends you and email confirmation to click on to accept it again. I have not seen abuse in the single method approach and do not care to waste my time when I am the one registering.

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