What’s your call to action?

The way to increase the chances that your web visitors receive the value from your site and contact you is through your call to action. Each page must have a defined call to action or multiples. Here are some you may want to include on your sites and newsletters:

  1. Contact us (call /email / fax)
  2. Sign up today
  3. Join our mailing list
  4. Purchase product / service
  5. Learn more
  6. Take survey
  7. Join our online forum
  8. Download article (white paper, CD, MP3, PDF)
  9. Request consultation / brochure
  10. Refer site / article to a friend
  11. Click here
  12. Get your copy today
  13. Print friendly option
  14. Apply now
  15. Ask the expert
  16. View video
  17. Listen to podcast
  18. Get your score (rank yourself)
  19. Read what others are saying
  20. Like this product? Here are others you may enjoy
  21. Don’t underestimate the power of anchor text (hyperlinked words) so for instance, instead of using “click here” to direct the visitor to another page, why not use a powerful and provocative sentence or the name of one of your article, combined with a hyperlink to send the visitor to that page. How to better reach CEOs or CFOs is such an example.
  22. Here is another example. Click on the image below.

What other call to actions do you like or find effective? Please write in the comment section below.

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