Recent Reflections and Insights Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 299

I was just reflecting on some of my recent thoughts, insights and those shared among my clients. Here are the top 10 I came up with:

  1. As water can carve a stone so can your consistent actions over time shape your extraordinary success and future.
  2. The more confident you become, the more you trust in your abilities to figure things out.
  3. What are the daily questions you should formulate and ask yourself in order to make sure you consistently move to the next level and are on track to live a remarkable life?
  4. What are the things you are doing and willing to do that most people don’t?
  5. Your current situation or status has no bearing of where you could be.
  6. Do you love new challenges? That should be your mindset since opportunities are hidden within them.
  7. The biggest impact for your upcoming week is to review your accomplishments and challenges of the prior week and commit to focus and take action on your main goal for the next week.
  8. How can you build or improve on the network surrounding you that constantly inspires you?
  9. When you are facing a challenge ask yourself: “What advice would I give my client if they were facing this challenge?”
  10. Have you identified what you want, where you need to go and why you do what you do, and have you created the plan to get there?

These are my reflection point insights for this week. Take a few moments, share with us your key insights and make it a great week.

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