Revitalize Your Energy Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 300

Photo by: Chad Barr

In 1983, as our kids were growing up, we decided to move to our present home, which being newly constructed, afforded us the ability to choose some finishing touches. My home office was in place, lined with shelves that have become bowed under the weight of hundreds of books I acquired over the 24 years here. The once trendy floors and colors have become dated and dull like the winter grey days here in Cleveland.

I’ve found that the surroundings can have a profound effect on creativity and productivity no matter where your office is. So last week, we started painting the interior of our home and office, changing the trends of the 80’s for a lighter, neutral palate. One coat of paint has made a dramatic difference in this tired interior and has offered me a different view of what is already here.

What small changes in your business or web presence could propel you into a different direction? A new vista can jump start your thinking into a new and more creative direction and revitalize your energy. Perhaps all you need is just a fresh coat of paint!

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