Stay In Tune Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 298

Photo by: Chad Barr

It’s taken some time, but I finally brushed the dust off my classical guitar case and had my guitar spruced up and a microphone pick up installed. It’s not that I don’t play often, mostly for fun and to entertain my grandkids, but it’s been a long time since I’ve played professionally and worked with other musicians in tandem to create something special.

I’ve been working with the pianist from our old jazz band, to accompany the worship services for my wife and her clergy colleague in a brand-new spiritual venture. Getting back in sync musically, with other musicians is something I’ve missed.

Most days I sit alone in my office, with eyes fixed on the three computer screens splayed out across my desk, talking with clients, prospects and professionals in my business with the phone headset perched on my ear.

I didn’t realize how much I’ve been missing being part of this musical team until now. I recognized that making music alone, as great as it is, is so much more exciting when reuniting with my bandmates just as it is in business when brainstorming and creating with other masterminds, teammates, clients and great thinkers.

If we are great alone at the helm of our company, imagine the force we can become when we forge ahead with new business partners, relationships in exciting new ventures?

Even if music isn’t your passion or talent, in what ways can you combine your best skills with others to create something you’ve never imagined possible alone? I look forward to hearing what your creative teamwork produces. Stay in touch and stay in tune!

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