Thinking Bigger Than Big Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 96

This week’s reflection point: I love the concept of thinking big and in the spirit of raising the Barr, (pun intended), I have decided to start identifying what it takes to think that way. Here are my reflection points:

  • Identify and articulate what your future successes look like in areas of: family, life, health, emotions, business, clients, finances, relationships, spirituality, self-development, global markets, innovation, prosperity and your contribution to others.
  • Set big daring goals that energize you to excel beyond your expectations.
  • Work backwards from the future success and daring goals and create a plan to achieve each.
  • Eliminate excuses from your language.
  • Focus your action and execute your plan fearlessly.
  • Surround yourself with and study great minds and develop trusted relationships you can count on.
  • Review your accomplishments and plan, often, and calibrate as needed.
  • Keep developing and improving the value you bring to others and don’t settle for average or mediocre.
  • Open your senses to opportunities around you and seize the moment to execute them.
  • The way to create wealth is to keep creating insightful offerings such as services, products that make you irresistible.
  • Become a trendsetter.

This week’s tip: What are your big daring goals? If they are written down, are you on target to achieve them? If not, when will you identify them and start executing?

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