New Web Presence Launch for Dr. Alan Weiss

Now this is a WOW!

After months of innovation, creation and dedication, my team and I are exhilarated to announce the amazing creation of the brand new web presence for Dr. Alan Weiss.

Like Frank Sinatra, Alan needs no introduction.




And a few words from Alan:

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0 thoughts on “New Web Presence Launch for Dr. Alan Weiss

  1. Chad Barr, I have been waiting patiently for your new website while admiring and appreciating all of your current creative works. I was not prepared for your remastering of the Dr. Alan Weiss site. It is the best combination of beauty, functionality and content access I have seen in a website.
    Alan is easily my favorite consultant/coach and this site is such a great reflection of his bold spirit and concentrated value. Awe inspiring work Chad, can’t wait to see your new site. Thank you and your team for this superb offering.

    Hayward Suggs

  2. Chad,
    I looked at Alan’s new website and was blown away. This is truly your best work-such a clean look, easy to navigate. You captured his energy. You have raised the bar-no pun intended. Your site is also beautiful. I look forward to your launch.

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