The Power of Testimonials Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 108

This week’s reflection point: One of the recurring discussions I often have with my clients is all about testimonials. They are critical to create and increase your credibility and demonstrate your track record of success. The more testimonials you have the more impactful they are. I encourage you to solicit them actively and continuously and make sure they focus on describing the impact you have helped create for your client.

There are two types of testimonials. The best are unsolicited, when your client volunteers to share with you how you helped improve their success and provide such in an email, or on their letterhead or a video. Second best are solicited testimonials, or the ones you request, which I wrote about in my blog post, Capture Their Bragging, a couple of years ago.

When it comes to solicited testimonials, and as I indicated in my previous article, the best time to ask for them is when the client shares with you their success. I would also recommend that during your ongoing conversations with your clients, you ask them about their recent successes and use these opportunities to request a testimonial.

This week’s tip: Reach out to several of your clients, provide them with valuable insights, ask about their successes and request they provide you with a testimonial.

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