Capture Their Bragging Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 11

This week’s reflection point: One of the most convincing and effective ways of influencing others to do business with you, is to demonstrate the great results of your work and credibility, through the use of client testimonials. If you were to tell your prospective clients how great you are, they may perceive it as fluff, boasting or lack of humility. Yet if your clients were to share how they have successfully benefited from your work, that’s substantiated proof.

The best time to ask for testimonials is when your clients brag about results achieved by virtue of working with you. I also suggest you remind them at times of successes they’ve achieved from using your advice. And of course another great opportunity to ask for a testimonial is during your speaking presentations.

Keep the testimonials pithy and focused on results achieved. I also suggest you use them in text, video and audio which can also be transcribed. I realize that getting video testimonials may be slightly challenging due to distance, but technology such as Skype and other similar applications have made it much easier.

Here is an example of a testimonial request I use: “Thank you for sharing your recent success with me. It would be quite meaningful to me if you’d be willing to provide me with a testimonial that describes the impact on your business of our work together.” Also, and during my speaking engagements, I often like offering my book to those who are willing to share their key take-aways on video after my presentation.

As far as your web site and blog are concerned, I suggest you incorporate these testimonials on dedicated written and video testimonial pages. Also insert them on your various pages and feature them both in the body of the page and its margin. Present the best on your home page by rotating them with different clients. Showcase them in your newsletters and on your blog and your products. The applications are limitless.

I realize that if we don’t ask, the answer is always no. So if I may, I would greatly appreciate if you’d be willing to email me your testimonial about this newsletter and the value you receive. And you may even want to brag a bit. It never hurts. Thank You!


This week’s tip: Don’t walk, run, and go and get YOUR client testimonials, now!


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