Say It Like It Is! Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 48

This week’s reflection point: Let’s talk about language effectiveness. Though I am quite rested and my batteries are fully charged after the great holiday weekend, I feel the need to vent about the effectiveness of our language so I can really move forward towards the New Year.

Whether listening to my favorite TV news shows, reading various publications and books or consuming web content such as articles, podcasts and videos, I’ve noticed a trend that irritates me quite a bit. That trend is the dumbing down of our language, often loaded with grammatical errors, and using ineffective language. Let me share some examples with you:

  • “Putting my two cents in.” I realize that this may be figurative speech but if the feedback is only worth two cents, I prefer not to waste my time listening to it.
  • “No offense, but…” We all know that what is about to come out of their mouth is going to be offensive. Just say what you have to say without any prefix or preparation.
  • “In other words…” Why not just say what you mean clearly and concisely in the first place. If more clarification is necessary, I’ll ask for it.
  • Words like “transparency” and “authenticity” are to me wimpy and useless words.
  • “I am here to serve you.” I want to be lead, provoked and challenged to better myself rather than be served by a subordinate.
  • Profanity to grab attention. If your language is ineffective in the first place, profanity is a guaranteed way to put off your audience for good.

I grew up in Israel where it is common for people to openly share their opinion with one another and not beat around the bush. I find it interesting that many I meet are always tippy toeing around saying what they really feel. You want to be more effective with your language? Just say it like it is. And that my friends is my two million dollar advice!

This week’s tip: See above.


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0 thoughts on “Say It Like It Is! Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 48

  1. Chad- Absolutely enjoyed this week’s memo “Say it like it is” 🙂 A good reminder to be open, honest and a straight shooter with words. No more tippy toeing around by this California lawyer!

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