Giving Pause for Thanks Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 47

This week’s reflection point: Traveling very long distances can be draining and tiring. But arriving at your destination after hours of flying is also exhilarating with anticipation of what lies ahead. I spent this past week in Hong Kong with Alan Weiss, PhD, and a handful of wonderful colleagues from all over the world. Together this exceptional community spent 4 days in think tank sessions that overflowed with new and innovate ideas for our businesses and clients. Add to this the backdrop of such an intriguing and almost mystical country; it was an awe-inspiring trip.

After our sessions were over and many returned home, I spent time exploring Hong Kong and its diverse melting pot of people and culture. If you think New York City is crowded, Hong Kong is NYC on steroids! People everywhere lined the streets shopping, eating or meeting up with friends and family. The people who were outside exercising and meditating, taking a moment to check out from the hustle and bustle of everyday Hong Kong, fascinated me. I spent one morning in the Buddhist temple where hundreds were lighting incense and candles and offering up prayers to their god.

Tomorrow we stop what we’re doing and join with our loved ones and pause from our busy, hectic routines and think of the many gifts we have been given and offer up our thanks. Simple or lavish, with difficulties and successes, I am reminded that our lives our full of gifts that come to us by hard work, some luck and for those who believe, a higher and Divine power. For all that and more, I give thanks.

This week’s tip:Taking a break from our work schedules can be difficult. Many will tell you that the rests and pauses in the music are as important as the notes themselves. This week take a moment to sit back and listen to the silence and be grateful. Happy Thanksgiving!

Honk Kong view from Victoria Peak

Honk Kong view from Aqua Restaurant

Hong Kong Soho area

The boats at Tai O Village at Lantau Island

Prayers at Hong Kong Man Mo Temple

Prayers at Po Lin Monastery, Lantau Island

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