Beyond Technology Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 46

This week’s reflection point: I am here in Hong Kong with eight successful global consultants, attending Alan Weiss’s yearly Million Dollar Club gathering. Among the many great topics we have explored, the one that resonated most with me at the conclusion of the first day was the need for us to create trends.

In order to create new trends it is critical to identify key shifts or movements, combine them, and develop a substantial new direction for your clients to recognize and follow. Here are several new trends I have identified:

  1. Rather than thinking about web sites, start thinking about client engagement platforms where high-tech actually creates high-touch and powerful relationships.
  2. Don’t separate marketing to organizations or corporate buyers vs. consumers or individuals. The lines of demarcation between these two should vanish. The reason is that all organizations consist of consumers, which increases ones ability to expand on the value they provide.
  3. Abandon the getting things done mindset and instead, replace it with creating amazing results mindset. The former promotes tactical thinking while the latter focuses on the strategic direction.
  4. The key distinguishing factor between the top, most respected global thought leaders and aspiring thought leaders is the vast provocative content they create.
  5. Technology transcends language barriers, cultural distinctions, and physical borders.

Walt Mossberg, the technology columnist for the Wall Street Journal, talks about being connected to the grid. He suggests that we should not talk about “going online” since everything today is already ubiquitously connected.

The new trend I’ve created is called Beyond Technology. It is a means of increasing your reach by sharing your wisdom that will mobilize your global audience to take action that will improve their lives and their businesses.

This week’s tip: Take the time to identify three new trends and create a unique new one.


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