Missed Opportunities Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 45

This week’s reflection point: A prospective client I recently talked with acknowledge that she wanted to move forward but then changed her mind suggesting her priorities have change. Upon a quick review of my discussion notes with her, I noticed her top three objectives as stated by her:

  • Increase her client base and the remarkable value they receive from her.
  • Dramatically strengthen her thought leadership.
  • Many opportunities have been lost and doing nothing is not an option.
  • She needs a kick in the butt.

When discussing The Cost of Doing Nothing earlier this year, I reflected on this syndrome that unfortunately affects and impacts some of the best I meet.

The bottom line is that each day you allow for missed opportunities to enter your life and business, you:

  • Lose sales, revenues and profits
  • Stop positive momentum
  • Eliminate your competitive advantage
  • Continue to sustain errors, poor performance and negative mindset
  • Hinder credibility and reputation growth
  • Create negative customer’s perception
  • Generate inaction which generates more inaction
  • Decrease your reach and influence
  • Are one step closer to being eliminated from the market

In a recent conversation I just had with a new client he said: “Every month missed is missed opportunities. I need to take immediate action.” Now that’s a smart way of looking at things.

This week’s tip: Don’t let missed opportunities take away your future.


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