10 Reasons for Powerful Interviews Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 111

This week’s reflection point: I was just interviewed by Social Media and global influencer, Mitch Jackson. I enjoyed it immensely while answering Mitch’s provocative questions on life, business, cyber strategies and creating your global digital empire. I even managed to put Mitch on the spot towards the end of the interview.

I conduct interviews as well and find them to be a powerful aspect of your marketing strategy. Here are my top 10 reason why interviews are powerful:

  1. You get to share your insights and help others.
  2. You have the opportunity to learn from the wisdom of others.
  3. You increase your own interesting content, intellectual property and digital empire.
  4. You extend your global reach.
  5. There is an exponential impact when your interviewer shares with their audience and you share with yours.
  6. The exponential impact goes viral when your audience and theirs start sharing as well.
  7. You receive inquiries that often turn into new clients.
  8. Others want to interview you.
  9. New insights come up, which generate new intellectual property.
  10. You get to collaborate with some of the most interesting and successful thinkers worldwide.

Finally, when you invite others for an interview, I recommend you refer to them as conversations rather than interviews. The former positions you as a thought leader.

Here is the full interview. Enjoy.

This week’s tip: Identify the opportunities around you and suggest others interview you. Also reach out to fascinating global thinkers and suggest you interview them. Better yet, start having conversations.

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  1. Chad- Thank you for taking the time to have a “conversation” with me 🙂 You are doing amazing things and I’m consistently fascinated by your wealth of knowledge and expertise. Your clients are so very lucky to have you in their digital corner. Much continued success my friend!

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