Putting It Together Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 413

Nearly 40 years ago I was a fresh out of college software developer. It was an exciting profession that keenly intrigued me and challenged my brain in ways that I never expected.

Up until that time I had lived in Israel pursuing my musical career; practicing, performing and entertaining all over the country and dreaming of being a real rock star guitarist. But here in America, things really picked up as I soon began my own company developing software solutions for my clients and ultimately became The Chad Barr Group designing, strategizing and implementing Web Presence solutions for our global clients.

I was so fortunate to have a growing business which meant less, and less time spent performing with my band, which also featured my wife, Laurel, on vocals.

But this week, I had a great opportunity to collaborate with Laurel on a Chanukah music video to be shown at area nursing homes. It was a real jam session and music palooza back to my roots with Laurel belting out the tunes and me accompanying on guitar.

I got to incorporate my guitar playing combined with my technology, web, and video technical skills, and Laurel’s voice to create and design a finished video that showcased all of our talents. Two worlds that I had kept separate had finally converged.

Technical skills and musical skill come from the same source with hard work and practice. Learning new ways to use our talents especially for the good and enjoyment of others and bring light into the world is truly the gift of Chanukah for us all.

What can you create that incorporates your many and varied skills, talents and gifts?

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