It Happens Every Single Year Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 412

It happens every single year. The lake effect snow that we Clevelanders know all too well, arrives with a vengeance and we act as if it’s a rare, unexpected occurrence, one for which we are wholly unprepared. We woke to a foot of overnight snow and sat, watching out the window, waiting for the snowplow to arrive to clear out the driveway. After the requisite call to the company, he finally arrived at 11 am, cleared the snow, only to be replaced a few hours later with another foot of flurries that need to be plowed once again. But this is typical Cleveland, and we joke that if you don’t like today’s weather, just wait a few hours and it will change.

Often times, especially when working with long time clients, we can almost predict what challenges will come along and yet, when they do, we seem to be taken by surprise. Truthfully, many of the trials we experience with our clients are not surprises at all but patterns that many businesses encounter as they continue to expand their markets, make and learn from mistakes and create greater success. The answer is to continually review and measure our progress and be prepared so we are not blindsided by the seemingly unexpected.

It’s no shock that on December 1, we are under 18 inches of snow here on the east side of Cleveland. What I must remind myself in the future, is start moving the salt and shovels sometime in October, to a spot in the garage where they are easily accessible. So too, with a critical eye on each of our clients at all times, we can keep our clients from spinning their wheels and being caught in an unexpected but inevitable snowfall. As leaders, we can meet it with good preparation and proper tools. Stay warm…

What challenges have you previously encountered for which you were unprepared, and what challenges do you anticipate coming down the pike that you can better prepare for or even solve before they appear?

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