A Year to Remember. A Year to Forget. Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 411

I’m sure you read the online jokes when we changed our clocks to daylight savings time recently. No one wanted to add another minute to this year, let alone another hour. We witnessed a year of jobs lost, store shelves empty of basic necessities and food banks and Covid testing lines growing longer every day. We, along with the rest of the world, feared the unknown regarding the pandemic. Most of us can’t wait to begin 2021 with a slowdown of the virus, a promising vaccine and renewed job growth fueled by hope and change. It’s out there on the horizon.

With days that are now shorter and swathed with darkness and frost, Thanksgiving couldn’t come at a better time. It gives us a moment to pause in the midst of a sense of gloom to reflect upon these last 10 months when life, as we knew it, had been turned upside down. All that being said, I’ve gained a greater sense of gratitude for so much that I may have taken for granted.

Being outdoors from March until November enhanced my love of nature, hiking and fresh, crisp air. Watching the leaves change colors and fill my yard with hours of raking, brought me peace and wholeness.

I was blessed to FaceTime with my children and grandchildren, hours of bedtime storytelling, virtual dance parties and musical recitals by the young budding family musicians. I Zoomed with clients all over the world bringing out the best in each other.

Covid allowed us to be blessed with three months of togetherness with our son, his girlfriend and our brand-new grandson, Bentley, all living with us under our roof and watching him grow.

Our family was lucky, we had food to share, clean laundry, cars that got one month to the gallon and so much time to read, create, re-invent and pray for health and wholeness for us and for this nation. We reached out to family and friends, indulged in binge watching, learned online and volunteered weekly in the community distributing food to those in need. Giving of ourselves to others during this difficult time has given so much to us in return. We were compelled to increase our understanding, compassion, empathy, patience and hope and for all this and more, I am truly grateful.

Let’s all be together next year by taking good care of each other this year. Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and SAFE Thanksgiving.

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