How to Generate… Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 410

A common question I am asked often is how I generate powerful ideas for content creation, marketing initiatives and successful business growth ideas. Although I’ve written on this topic ad nauseam, I have also come to realize that one of the many techniques to generate such ideas is unknown to many. Let me share this powerful technique with you:

Open up your browser, launch and start typing any keywords of interest. Notice how Google fills the screen with its keyword suggestions based on people’s search preferences. This is not only beyond powerful, but it also presents us with remarkable possibilities and capabilities.

Let me demonstrate: In the screen capture example below, as I start typing the words “how to generate” notice how Google is filling the screen with its possible recommendations. Try this with any of your possible topic ideas.

Since the first one piqued my interest, I clicked on “how to generate passive income” which then brought up the next screen on Google. Not only does this screen show you what people are asking and searching for when it comes to passive income, but it showcases it in such a powerful way that should provide you with tons of ideas of what topics you should consider creating content around to demonstrate your expertise and help others resolve their challenges. 

As you scroll down through this screen, you will notice the listing of more topic ideas around the keywords selected and it then reveals the videos and books that cover this topic. How cool is this?

So, before you embark on creating your new content, use this tool and technique not only when you are in search of what content topics to create but let this tool help you discover new topics of interest and further refine your topic of choice. 

Now go and create your new masterpiece.

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