Making Our Days Count Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 396

Today, Laurel and I got to watch, i.e. (play, sing and feed) our youngest grandson, Bentley. I’m never really sure how to calculate his age knowing if he’s 21 weeks or five months or however pediatricians figure it as he was born a few weeks earlier than expected. One thing I can say for sure, he’s getting bigger, cuter and more vibrant each and every time he comes to visit. He’s talking up a storm and eats like someone is chasing him and he’s got to finish quickly before they grab it from him. We packed him up to leave at 6:45 pm and he headed for home. Shortly thereafter, I noticed it was quite dark outside and glancing at the clock I was surprised to note that it was only 8:15 pm.

When did the days start getting so much shorter?

With so many hours of daylight at the start of summer in June, and although I start my days exercising and playing my favorite game of Pickleball, I then feel  energized to get as much business done as long as the sky was light. But the earlier sunset today reminded me that the hours spent producing, creating and performing in business don’t have to continue until three stars are seen in the sky! It’s not necessary to count the hours that one spends on work but to make the hours that we have, count.

Having Bentley here for a short visit this afternoon helped me see again that the time playing with my grandson and not sitting at my desk were hours well spent and surely count in his life and ours.

These are challenging times and one need only flip on the TV to confirm that notion. The darkness coming earlier can add to the sense of urgency to get more done. I’m choosing to balance my available hours, making each one count to be as productive and creative as possible while still enjoying the things that life has provided that bring me personal joy.

What will you do to make your precious hours count?

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